This document concern the Webpage hereinafter referred as “The Website”.

VIP Software Ltd has its headquaters and management office in Republic of Bulgaria, Ruse 7002, street Stefan Karadzha 10, with Bulgarian identification number 117548397, tel.: +359/82 834 188, email: represented by its manager Petar Angelov Chernaev (hereinafter referred as “we”, “our” or “ours”). VIP Software manages this Website and the following document regulates the manner in which we protect the users’ information, received through this Website.

By using the Webpage you provide to us your consent to use your personal information on a way, described in this document.

Our advice for the users is to get familiar with privacy policy of any website before disclosing their personal information.

This document might be changed and/or complimented any time with specific conditions, related to separate parts of the Website.

If you have any questions about the following policy, please contact us by following the website link or the email link.

Data collecting.

As a visitor to this Website, you do not have an obligation to provide personal data for using it. The Website process solely information, which is voluntarily provided by the visitors. Such information might concern, but not only: your name, job position, address, email, telephone number or any other data, mentioned in the General Terms and Conditions for using the services, provided by and available through the Website

We might store and maintain the content that you have provided, including but not only: publications in the Website, in blogs, in forums, in other websites and applications, in social networks and other services, which we eventually grant or could grant.

We do not require from the Website users providing special categories of personal data (ex. data about race, ethnical origin, religion, criminal history, physiological or psychological health, sexual orientation, etc.). If we need such information, we will require your expressly content for collecting and using it.

You might provide personal data in this Website, for example for receiving access to content, for participating in organized by us event, to participate in a survey, or to declare a desire  to receive communications about certain themes that you are interested in. In those or similar cases your personal data will be used for management of the requests and for improving the Website and the services, available through it. We have the right to use your personal data for marketing purposes or for sending promotional materials or messages, related to the services, provided by us or third parties, related to us, that we consider would be interesting for you. We might contact you for a feedback concerning our services or marketing or other surveys.

Your personal data might be used for protection of our legal interests and for those of our users if that is necessary according the applicable legislation.

You have the right to claim a refusal to send you messages on your email or another communication in response to provided by you personal data on this Website.

Disclosing personal data to third parties.

We might provide your personal data to other entities, which are related to us in order to ensure information that you are interested in or to accomplish marketing or other survey.

Your personal information might be also provided to other entities, which are related to us in response of your request or survey, as part of corporative deal, such as sale, acquisition, merger or in cases where those parties work with information by your name.

That might include transfer of personal data in countries or regions where personal data regulation (like the applicable for Bulgaria) is missing.

Your personal data might be provided to law enforcement, regulatory and other state authorities or third parties, if that is necessary for compliance with legal or regulatory obligations or requirements,  

By providing your personal information through the Website, you agree to provide the data according the mentioned above.

Access to data.

The visitors who would like to receive an access to their personal data, to change it or to suspend their subscription for received communications, should contact the web administrator of services, following the email link. We will treat the requirements for access to or changing the data in accordance with the applicable legal requirements.

Data security.

We have granted reasonable trading standards of technological and operative security for protection of the data, provided by the visitors of the Website, against unauthorized access, disclosure, rectification or destruction.

We are taking efforts to protect the users against unauthorized access or change, disclosure or destruction of the information we store.

Information about used by the Website “cookies”, internet beacons and logs.

The Website stores standard information about internet logs, including your IP address, browser and language, access time and referenced website addresses. To ensure that our Website is well maintained in order to provide personalized and adequate services and to guarantee better navigation in the Website, we or our service providers might use “cookies” or internet beacons (electronic images, which allow to the Website to count the visitors of a certain webpage and to have an access to certain “cookies”) for collecting summarized data. 

The “cookies” contain small amount of information and are stored by the servers of the Website on your computer or another device that you are using. Your web browser then send those “cookies” back to the Website at any following visit and helps the Website to store information about your visit and your preferences as an user. For more detailed information about the “cookies” and their functionalities visit:

Every time you use the Website with the help of the “cookies” or other technologies, data about you might be collected. By using the Website you agree with the use of “cookies” and with the use of “cookies” from other national, regional or another webpages within, that you may visit according the mentioned in their information about “cookies”.


Types of “cookies”, used by the Website.

Some of the cookies we use are necessary for granting you the opportunity to browse the Website and to use its functionalities like access to secured zones (if there are any) that might contain information, accessible only for registered users.

Functional “cookies” are other type that we use for storing your preferences and for improving our Website functionality. For example, memorizing preferred language or region or a survey that you filled. This information usually is anonymous and is not used for any other purposes.

Our services providers or we also use analytical instruments, which allow us to know how effective is our Website’s content, what are the interest of the users and for complete improvement the work of the Website. In addition, we use web beacons or tracking pixels to read the amount of the users and “cookies” for performance, for tracking the amount of individual visitors of the Website and how often they visit it. This information is used only for strategic purposes and will not be used for personal identification of the users. Still, if you are a registered user of the Website, it is possible to unit that data with the information from our web analytic instruments for analyzing in details how you use the Website.

The Website might use targeting and advertising “cookies” to send targeted ad to the Website users.

The Website might use Session Cookies. The Session Cookies allow visitors’ recognition on one-time visit of the Website In a way that the accomplished personalization or changes to be memorized in other pages of the Website. The Session Cookies are temporarily and their activity ends when you close your browser or leave the Website.  

The Website might use Persistent Cookies. The Persistent Cookies remain memorized on your computer for a certain period after the user’s session on the Website has ended and allow your preferences and settings to be “memorized” when you visit the Website again.

The Website might use Third Party Cookies. These Cookies serve for memorizing information for reporting the efficiency of the Website and the advertisement by demographics, interest, sessions’ duration, etc. The Website might use Google Analytics and/or other similar services for web analyze without personal identification of the users. The whole data is used by use only for statistical purposes and for recognition of wrong links or program mistakes. We do not disclose that information to third parties. WE do not use the cookies for purposes, which are different from the described in this document.

If you need more information about the “cookies” we are using, please contact us.

Control of the “cookies”.

As a visitor of the Website, you consent with the use of “cookies” on your computer or device according the mentioned above. However, you can control and manage the “cookies” with different methods. Please bear in mind the removing or blocking the “cookies” might restrict your access to certain functionalities or parts of the Website.

You can control and/or delete “cookies” as you wish. For more information, visit You can delete all or chosen “cookies”, which are already saved on your computer. You can also set to most of the browsers  to block them. Bear on mind that if you do that, you might will have to set manually some of the perimeters every time you visit certain website. It is also possible some services and functions not to work properly.  

Control of the internet browsers.

Most browsers allow the users to see the types of “cookies” that you have the right to delete on an individual basis and to block “cookies” of a certain website or from all of the websites. If you delete all “cookies”, the preferences that you stored, will be deleted including your desire to deactivate the “cookies” because that requires setting a cookie for denial. More information about how to change your browser’s settings for blocking or filtration of the “cookies”, you can find on: or

Managing analytic “cookies”.

You can decline anonymous surfing within the websites, recorded by the analytic cookies. We use the following services providers and you can learn more about their data protection policies and how to decline their “cookies”, by visiting their websites:


Google Analytics:

Managing the flash “cookies” (local shared objects).

The local shared objects or the flash “cookies” work similarly to the most browser “cookies”, excluding that they may store additional information. Those “cookies” cannot be controlled with the mechanisms described above. Certain parts from the Website use that sort of “cookies” to store the preferred settings for media player and without them, some video files might not start. Those “cookies” may be controlled manually. For that purpose, visit Adobe’s website.

Social buttons.

We use social buttons to grant users’ possibility to share or to mark websites. Those are buttons of third parties – social media websites and these websites might record information for your internet sessions including in this Website. Read the relevant Terms and Conditions for using and Data Protection Policies on those websites to know exactly how your information is used and how you could decline or delete that information.

External web services.

In some cases, we use external web services on the Website to show webpages’ content on the Website, for example to allow looking at images, video clips or to allow participating in surveys. Similarly like the hypothesis of the social buttons, we can restrict those websites or external domains from collecting information about the content that you use.

Correspondence by email.

We might use tracking technologies to define if you had read, clicked on or forwarded messages that we send to you for making more useful and interesting our communications. If you do not want us to receive confirmation about an opened, clicked on or forwarded by you content, you should cancel your registration, because we cannot send such emails without the activated instrument for tracking information. The registered users can refresh their preferences any time by contacting us or you can cancel your registration, following the instructions in your individual email that we will send you.

We have the right to change or rectify the following Data Privacy Policy any time on our sole decision. When making changes, we will note the date on that webpage and these changes will enter in force after the date of the last redaction. We advise you to check periodically this Policy content to make sure that you are informed for the way in which we are using the “cookies”.

Compliance with provisions and cooperating to the regulation authorities.

We check periodically our compliance of the Data Protection Policy. We also adhere some frames for self-regulation. When we receive an official written complaint, we contact the complainant for additional information. We work with the relevant regulation authorities including the local data protection authorities to solve the complaints about personal data transferring that we cannot solve directly with the users.


If you have any questions or doubts protecting the confidentiality of your data while using the Website, please send them to the web administrator, using the link for contacting us or by the mentioned email.


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