Ferma WEB

Ferma WEB is specialized online software for documenting, planning and reporting animal breeding activities. It has been developed to be easy to use, to ease up your work and to save you time.
With Ferma WEB you track the data for each animal - identification numbers, gender, breed, pedigree, medical treatments and immune prophylaxis, heat and pregnancies, all stages of their life cycle. It also facilitates the reporting of routine activities such as feeding, weighting and milking, tracking the production and its indicators. You can quickly check the cost of each animal. Ferma WEB allows you to control easily all processes and events in your farm and have all the information in one place.
And that's not all! To make your work even easier, we've connected Ferma Web with a variety of technology tools and mobile applications. Our latest development is an electronic ear tag (RFID) reader, with which you can quickly identify animals during different activities and easily inventory them at any time.